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 Where we work



We currently work with clients across North America. By maintaining our presence throughout various regions, we are able to influence multiple markets and continue to push our creative boundaries.

We are always striving for perfection. 




What we do


We are a digital marketing agency in the field of problem solving and creativity. We develop genuine connections and generate growth through campaign design, business strategy and content creation.

Module Creative Agency takes pride in working with clients we believe in. This ensures our passion remains consistent as it’s a key element in having a successful working relationship. We are trusted with the marketing, branding and or advertising of companies that have a conglomerative net-worth of over 119 million dollars. This is excluding contractual work and technology companies.




Our Process


Stage one

Creative Consultation

Stage two

Ideation, Strategy, Development

Stage three

Production, Development, Facilitation

Stage four

ROI Results, Analytics, Rinse & Repeat





We calculate our success through analytics gathered after each campaign. We use tangible evidence to determine what worked and what needs adjustment for future projects. By using our methods, we can guarantee consistent growth for the brands we work with.

To date, we have generated over 108.3 million impressions with our clients.



Creative Consultations

Ideation, Strategy, Development


Product, Studio, Lifestyle, Interior Design, Events, Advertising & More


Product, Studio, Lifestyle, Interior Design, Events, Advertising, Commercials & More


Corporate, Artists, Athletes, Public Figures, Public Relations

Website Development

Square-space, Wordpress, Custom Coded

Social Media

Management, Corporate, Artists, Athletes, Advertising

Activations & Events

Corporate, Culture, Management, Entertainment, Talent Sourcing, Networking, Curation

Advertisement & SEO

All Advertising Platforms, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Key Word Optimization, Ad Portfolio Management




White Box Studio 


Thank you

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us at Module Creative Agency at any time.

We appreciate the opportunity to present our company to you.