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As a turn key digital experience agency, we are experts in creating intriguing and meaningful digital assets backed by unique campaigns which captivate the audience that will be interested in the services you ArE providing. 

We are excited to collaborate on a unique project that will drive impressions and clients to your business through social media.


Social media package


The package provided is a solution for your social media needs

Creative consulatation

Their a few key components to the creative consultation that will allow us to envision the best way to capture Leela Eco Spa.

  1. Walk through of the space to map out angles and to map out the best locations to shoot

  2. Sit down to discuss your services and goals that you have for the year

  3. Review your target demographics so we can build an effective ad set when marketing the content we create.

  4. Develop the shot list needed to effectively portray your company

  5. Calculation of how many models will be needed to create the content

Content creation

We will need 2 hours to complete the shot list we create. Below is a list of what will be created for this campaign

  • 15 second teaser video for social media

  • one minute video for advertisement, website & social media

  • 30 professional photos

Campaign launch

The campaign will be created in a way to show the experience that one can expect to have while at Leela Eco. The goal is to showcase what makes your business so unique. We have a few ideas that we can review during the Creative Consultation.

  1. Call To Action will be established to increase organic engagement.

  2. Copy for caption will be prepared by our PR team.

  3. Demographics that we review in the creative consultation to help us create the target ad so we can maximize the reach of the ad. This will help reduce the CPC (Cost Per Click) and allow Facebook to show the ad to people who are interested in going to your spa.

  4. Ad management will be turnkey and carried out by us to ensure the ad life can reach its potential.

  5. Analytics will be provided to show the success of the ad and to determine what could be changed in the future.


Price Breakdown


This package is a one time offer allowing businesses we select to be apart of a unique campaign for a fraction of the cost. We do this every year to help build relationships with businesses that we would like to work with.


  • Creative Consultation

  • 4-6 models

  • One Minute Video

  • 15 Second Teaser Video

  • 30 Professional Photos

  • Written Copy

  • Ad Management

  • Analytics and Review

    Value - $5000

Cost - $3000