Numa models marketing proposal




Module Creative Agency will facilitate the advertising process for generating new model leads within the 18 cities that Numa Models currently operates in - as time passes, we’ll be able to assess what target demographics respond best to our ads and we’ll be able to adjust ad spend accordingly; ensuring the best value per dollar.


Additionally, Numa hosts fashion shows and other functions that require advertising through social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. We’ll assist in generating impressions and click-through for these events; ultimately increasing ticket sales. We will set up three separate ad spend portfolios to determine where money is best spent - following this, we’ll allocate the remainder of the budget to this highlighted demographic. 


In order to achieve optimal results with these advertising campaigns, our agency will create four 10-15 second video clips to be paired with the ads. Our team will pull photos from the Numa Models database to create “Models Wanted” graphics to be used in addition to the video ads.


current services

1. Facebook Ads Management

MCA will contact Numa once a month to go over what ads are to go out each month. By doing this we will be able to create a time line of what ads are to go out for each city. At the end of each month we will compile the analytics for your team to review. As a team we will monitor each ad in order to make any necessary changes so that the ads perform to their highest potential.


2. Marketing Content (4 10-15 second videos)

We will require top models that are available and in town for the creation of the edits. We have locations available to us to shoot the models. If Numa has any other spaces available for us to shoot we can use those locations as well to get a variety of content. Multiple shoots can be done in a single day to make this process most efficient for us and Numa.


3. Create 4 “Models Wanted” Posters

Please let us know where to access images that we can use to create posters. It may be best for someone on your team compile photos of Numa’s top models that can be used in the content we create.