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From the first time Bryan Dellosa touched a camera, he knew it was the start of something special.

His passion of photography kicked into full swing and his motivation to push the creative boundary has never wavered in the past 12 years. After relentlessly pushing to shoot shows that were 18+ to attend, he was able to shoot shows that any freshman high school photographer would only dream of being able to do; he took the necessary actions to make that dream become a reality. He met respected photographers within the music community that took him under their wing. They saw something special in what was soon to become BEEDEE.

Before he knew it, Bryan had shot Porter Robinson by the age of 16 and people started taking notice of something special in the making. 

Bryan has been honing in on his skills since he was 14 years old (age 23 currently) and at the young age of 19, he opened a creative agency (Module Creative Agency) with his business partner. Bryan loved shooting artists, but his skill set went beyond artist & event photography - he knew he was able to help companies portray how they wanted consumers to view their products/services. MCA has now turned into a team of 10 people that currently help an array of clients across North America ranging from Uber and Monster Energy to major artists such as REZZ, Troyboi and Whipped Cream.

Our team feels we can provide value for you and your company by BEEDEE creating content for your brands. By doing so, you will be able to get shots that few photographers have the skill to create. BEEDEE's unique colour palettes will make your photos stand out like none other and be able to assist with your current branding.

We feel BEEDEE is a perfect fit with your brand and that both parts could benefit. With BEEDEE’s social media following and his massive content output he is always top of mind and has a big community that supports his work.

Below we have provided some analytics of his accounts and some screenshots of references by major festivals, magazines/blogs and artists.




BEEDEE will create original content to assist with Palette Gear’s push the brand’s PR/Marketing push in exchange for Palette Gear products.

My goal is to help drive sales and provide ultimate exposure around North America by using my brand to connect to the millennial market via BEEDEE social channels and media networks.

  • Photo sets will be created with your logo or product visible whenever possible

  • Weekly BEEDEE posts and story features with Palette Gear

  • BEEDEE embarks on a WFH (Where From Here) tour every year, where he takes products across North America, capturing content of them in unique locations along the way.

    • Your product will be showcased on this tour.

  • Palette Gear will have a team of 10 MCA employees ready to facilitate the creation of packages with the content shot by BEEDEE.

These packages will also include copywriting if Palette Gear is interested in the creation of article about their product.
Additionally, we can assist with sending these packages to blogs and publications to further brand exposure for both Palette Gear and BEEDEE.





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