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Here is some of our work from the past few years to get you up to speed.


our 2017

2017 felt like 2 or 3 years packed into one. We have never worked on more projects then we have this year. Coming in on completing over 1000 projects this year, this is one for the books. This recap includes videos that have over 100,000 views and Steve Claggett winning an International Boxing Federation belt in Montreal. 

our 2016

2016 is a great year to look back on. We worked on more projects then ever before which made it possible to create a small video recapping our year. This is a great start point to see where we came from.                                


Social circle

We are excited to announce a new sub division of Module Creative Agency, Social Circle Club. Social Circle is made for artists by artists to increase exposure and grow the brand.                                                                       


Featured video

We travelled with Steve Claggett to Montreal for his fight against Yves Ulysses Jr for the International Boxing Federation title belt. We worked with him for almost 6 months leading up to this fight and it was a thrilling experience to watch him take home the belt.