Research report

The Landscape Artist


  • Website is optimized and well produced
  • Testimonial videos are good but we should incorporate more process videos (start to finish with projects) People respond well to video content.
  • Current process video is very outdated  
  • Photos look great (85% of them) 
  • Limit the amount of animations that occur on the site
  • Suggestion - Create a feature video that encompasses your work and the company. Have this at the top of the website.

Social Media


  • Low following
  • Not engaging with other similar profiles that would attract others to your page
  • Content value is low
  • Caption writing can be improved to gather new followers or leads.
  • The IG needs to have more flow (colour coordination or transitioning from process to finished work)


  • Looks good, improving your IG will naturally improve your FB as we will link the two so every time you do an IG post it will appear on FB, saving you time.
  • Need to start promoting with FB ads - Summer is coming up fast 
  • Change your banner photo and profile photo to provide a new fresh look
  • Try and give incentives for people to leave FB reviews. We have several systems for this.


Curb Design


  • A ton going on near the bottom. Try to limit the amount of click throughs, customers prefer to scroll
  • Needs more imagery - The artificial turf looks great, let's start showcasing more of that
  • What are the benefits from Artificial Grass?? This needs to be the main focus as this will increase sales


  • Need to start an IG



  • Need to start working on getting more FB reviews as the one standing out doesn’t look good. Big complaint sticking out.
  • Your FB should be majority reposts from your IG, this will save you a ton of time just like the plan for Art Landscaping



  • Again we should be creating short videos showcasing the projects before and after
  • Video can have people putting on the greens 
  • Biggest thing we need to showcase is the convenience of having artificial grass and the cost effectiveness  
  • Photos of workers on site and finished projects

FB advertising

  • We should create ads around the cost and time effectiveness of having artificial grass
  • Video ads of people enjoying the artificial grass and tying in the benefits would work great (kids playing soccer).